Designers will be able to use exciting new tools in February 2024

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The year 2024 is already underway and it’s shaping up to be a very interesting one. So, to help you keep your focus on working hard and getting stuff done, we’ve collected another bunch of helpful bits and pieces from across the web.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2024.

In this month’s selection, you’ll find scheduling helpers, components, audio creation, and color tools. Enjoy!

Notion Calendar, formerly known as Cron, allows you to integrate Notion documents and timelines with Google Calendar. Support for additional calendar providers is being developed (Outlook, iCloud).

MixAudio is a music generator powered by AI that can take text prompts, images or other audio to create mood-appropriate background.

Dealo allows you to add and create pricing cards. It includes an easy integration with Stripe.

Sheet API converts Google Sheets to REST JSON APIs. This allows you to use a Google Sheet as a simple CMS.

Search database for expired domains. Enter the site subject and a list expired domains that are related to it will be returned.

These customizable open-source components are ready to use with built-in SEO optimization for the Cosmic Headless CMS platform.

Randoma11y uses algorithms to make sure the contrast is higher than accessible levels.

Some AI image generators are better than others. The web is groaning from the weight of all these AI image generators. ReCraft allows for consistency to be maintained across a set or to create sets which would be useful for icons.

TidyCal, which has been around a long time, has undergone a major revamp in recent years. It’s great for keeping track of meetings with clients and allows prospective clients to book meetings based on your availability.

Described as a ‘nostalgic serif,’Rohesta has both elegance and robustness. It is ideal for display text that you want to shout in a dignified fashion.

Arc is a macOS (OS12+) browser that has had significant updates to simplify the browsing experience. Plus, we love the dedicated developer mode.

BlitzBear analyzes and optimizes existing site content using AI based on the keywords you choose. It is great for boosting rankings with no manual slog.

EasyDoing creates professional invoices using natural language prompts.

This app will summarize your dictation. It also includes a handy AI-powered rewrite.

Submit JSON provides a serverless notification API for backend forms. It sends notifications by email, integrations and webhooks.

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